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"Once you realize the thing that makes you passionate, and the thing that makes you stay up at night, the thing that you will fight for. Once you realize those things, and you’re working towards that, it’s pretty much having it all."

Happy birthday (Queen) Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter!

↳ September 4, 1981

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So yesterday in band rehearsal, the professor was up on the podium and her baton fell out of her hand. She just stared at it for a second on the ground and whispered “expelliarmus.” 

Anonymous asked
Can you explain why you like snape so much? I personally think he's an abusive arsehole and being in love with Lily does not excuse that


oh boy, here we go. i could honestly write a 10k word essay on this topic.

to begin with, i’d like to state that i hate how he bullies children in his care - it’s despicable and very much a part of the ugly side of his personality.

that said, i think i might actually like him all the more for that part of him. people don’t exist on a binary of good and bad and snape is very much a complex and nuanced character.

my heart aches for the lonely neglected boy growing up in a poverty-stricken household with an abusive, alcoholic father and a beaten, frightened mother. he was a nine year old boy so full of anger and ready to lash out, and then he met lily and they shared this secret and it was like a light had been switched on and he suddenly had all this hope for a better future away from the misery he’d always known.

i think he was sorted into slytherin because at that point in his life he was desperate for any sort of power that would allow him to protect his mother, as well as purely wanting the chance to feel powerful for a change (instead of cowering in the corner listening to his mother cry). what chance did an eleven year old boy have against a fully grown man.

those feelings combined with pretty overwhelming pressure to conform to your hogwarts house would have made hanging around the proto-death eaters feel very good indeed. consider his life up to this point - how fucking incredible would it have felt to have people actually FEAR you instead of always being the scared one. unfortunately, feeling powerful often comes at the expense of others.

as for him calling lily a mudblood, i absolutely forgive him. there have been times in my life where under extreme pain and humiliation i too have lashed out and said things i never meant, but was just aiming to cause as much pain as possible. and i think it shows the depth of his regret that in his pain and anger he lost the one truly good and uncorrupted thing in his life, that that memory is the one he chose to put in the pensive - it was the worst memory he possessed.

add the abuse he endured at the hands of the marauders and the self-inflicted loss of his best friend and love, and i think the power and notoriety he gained from signing up with the death eaters would have seemed like his best option at that point.

and then voldemort’s plans to kill lily were revealed

his actions after this point are what cemented my love for his character. the sheer depth of his regret and the intensity of his self loathing speak to me on a very basic level.

snape is a man burdened by real demons, who makes the wrong choices, who pays for it with everything that is dear to him. and he’s the one who makes that bed. he knows he has to lie in it, knows that’s what he earned for himself, and that’s why he does everything in his power to make it right. and even after all that, underneath the shell of bitterness he STILL holds that secret love for lily deep inside him. and i can’t help but love that and love him.

for a series where the overreaching theme is love conquering darkness and evil, snape’s character arc is the ultimate representation of that.

My heart goes out to KKPsi Theta Kappa and to my sisters at Eta Nu at Tarleton State. I’m so sorry this happened to you all.

I wonder if the UN does potlucks. Those would be the best.

Apparently Eaton clarinets have unicorns on the insignia. WHY DID NOBODY LET ME KNOW THIS?


I’m in love with Red Pandas, they are so cute!!!!!!


Also I made a poster of the 8&5 to sell at districts maybe so if you’re in the NCD, hit up the Chi table for one of these bad boys.


Also I made a poster of the 8&5 to sell at districts maybe so if you’re in the NCD, hit up the Chi table for one of these bad boys.


With my sisters, I am best.Photo by Nicholas Scott Cohen


With my sisters, I am best.

Photo by Nicholas Scott Cohen


Chuck Norris’s Kappa Kappa Psi honorary membership certificate.


Chuck Norris’s Kappa Kappa Psi honorary membership certificate.


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